Snowmobiling For First Timers | What You Should Know

Riding a snowmobile is an exciting way to explore a snowy landscape in the wintertime. Like jet skiing or dirt-biking, riding a snowmobile is a relatively exotic and thrilling mode of travel. This is because few people often use a snowmobile and the dynamics of driving on snow are quite different to driving an ordinary vehicle on asphalt. Here are a few helpful tips for first-time snowmobilers to stay safe and have fun out there.

Dress for the Cold

Dress for the cold, and then dress for even colder conditions. Even if you’re dressed appropriately for the weather, once you get up to 40 mph, the wind will make you considerably colder. If your snowmobile doesn't have special wind guards for your fingers, you will need to get something to keep the wind off your fingers- because freezing wind on fingers can cause frostbite very quickly.

Take Video Responsibly

If you are going to film your ride, use a GoPro, or affix your camera to your helmet or snowmobile in some other way. Do not attempt to hold a camera while driving a snowmobile! You need both hands to operate your machine safely.

Have a Practice Run

Practice turning, accelerating, and braking in an area where it’s safe. If you have the chance, find a large and open area where you can gradually practice going into turns. You will need to get used to the feeling of driving on snow. Even if you’ve done this before, conditions might be different next time. So take some practice runs each time you go out to test the snow, your vehicle, and your abilities.

Beware of Hidden Chasms

Do not stray! This is true anywhere, but if you are riding in an area you are not familiar with, you should stay on designated trails or follow your guide. This is because snow can build up and look solid over chasms. This can be especially dangerous to new riders who are not only unfamiliar with the snowmobile driving but who are also unfamiliar the terrain.

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