Spotlight on the Four Hands Home Furnishing Line

Spotlight on the Four Hands Home Furnishing Line

When it comes to decorating a luxury home, you are not simply picking out pieces to fill a room. You are making a bold statement that will reflect your personal style and create a distinctive feeling throughout the home. As you consider your furniture and décor for your home near

Steamboat Springs, CO, you will not want to overlook the Four Hands home furnishing line. Their 2018 look book showcases some of the striking and innovative styles they offer, but you can get to know their furnishing style right here by reading on.

Not Your Conventional Home Furnishings

Four Hands has designed each of their pieces to make a statement while still retaining the functionality that you expect from your key furniture pieces in any room. These pieces are designed to inspire and create a whole experience, rather than a simple visual aesthetic.

Experimental Lines and Combinations

There is a distinctly modern appeal in the Four Hands furnishing line, though you will still hear whispers of the Old West and experience classic designs reminiscent of the Victorian era in key statement pieces. As you explore Four Hands furniture and décor, you will be stunned by distinctive lines and unexpected material combinations, which draw the eye and leave onlookers thinking. When you think Four Hands, think experimental conversation pieces, not just your average minimalist modern furniture.

Unique Materials

Reclaimed wood, concrete, wildly textured upholstery—these are all materials featured within Four Hands furniture designs . You can expect bold colors, rich woodgrains, and intricate lines that you will not find in just any furniture store.

If you want to experience the full appeal of Four Hands furniture, visit Into the West in Steamboat Springs, CO. Their impressive 6,500-foot showroom has everything you need to create a luxurious hideaway or exceptional entertainment space. To learn more about their brands and design philosophy, call (970) 879-8377.