Steps to Take After an Accident

Getting in a car accident is stressful, but it’s also a common occurrence on the road. Therefore, you should know exactly what to do if an accident does occur while you’re behind the wheel. Whether or not the accident was your fault, you should take the following steps immediately:

Assess for Any Injuries

The most substantial damage that can be done during an accident is human injuries, so be sure that all parties involved are okay and don’t require immediate medical attention. If someone is injured, call 911 right away.

Exchange Information with Other Drivers

After dealing with any injuries, it’s time to talk to any other drivers or affected individuals on the scene and exchange personal information as well as insurance details. Avoid any apologies, and simply offer your name, phone number, and auto insurance carrier and plan number. If another driver flees the scene of the accident before you can exchange information, gather as much information as you can about their vehicle from nearby witnesses and call the police.

Document the Accident

The aftermath of an accident is usually settled through insurance reports, which rely largely on the statements of the drivers involved. If you can back your story up with pictures and witnesses, then you’re more likely to see a favorable determination from the insurance company. Use your phone to snap pictures of the impact and surroundings, and, if possible, gather the names and phone numbers of any nearby witnesses.

Seek Professional Repairs

If the damage of the accident is severe, your car will be taken away from the scene on a tow truck to get repairs. If your car is in good enough shape to drive away, however, don’t assume it’s in perfect condition. It’s still a good idea to swing by a body shop to get it checked out so that you don’t experience problems later on.

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