Stress-Free Travel Tips for Folks with Disabilities

Stress-Free Travel Tips for Folks with Disabilities

Traveling can be stressful regardless of your travel experience and ability level. Extra precautions and preparations apply when traveling with a disability. Make your trip as easy and hassle-free as possible by choosing a hotel that has plenty of accessibility features. Some accessible hotels even offer perks like swimming pool hoists and assistive listening devices. Once you’ve found the right hotel, use the following tips to make your trip even easier.

Make a to-pack list.

In addition to the usual things every traveler needs , people with disabilities may need medications, medical supplies, and durable medical equipment. Start planning at least a few weeks ahead of your trip so you won’t forget anything. If you’re bringing medications or any liquids and you’re flying, you should check with the TSA regarding current travel restrictions and requirements. Don’t hesitate to bring durable equipment like your wheelchair or walker. Airlines are barred from charging extra fees to transport mobility equipment.

Get travel insurance.

Your regular health insurance carrier might not offer the coverage you need, especially if it has a limited network of providers. Double-check your health insurance policy, and call the company if need be to make sure you understand what’s covered and what’s not. Consider purchasing temporary travel health insurance that includes medevac.

Check local transportation options.

You’ve probably thought extensively about how you’re going to get to your destination, but what about moving around once you’re there? Go to the local municipality’s website and take a look at the accessibility features of the public transit system. You can even check local cab companies or ride-sharing drivers to verify that accessible transport is available.

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