Surprising Reasons to Get a Lift on a Crane

Most people think of construction when they think of cranes, but while cranes are an certainly important part of many construction projects, you don’t have to be on the job site to use one. Many people rent cranes for unexpected reasons that just might change the way you think of how cranes can be used. Here are just some of the surprising reasons cranes get put into action.

Take Photos and Videos

You don’t need a plane to get an aerial shot. Instead, get a lift on a crane to take video footage or photos from aloft. By using a crane, you can stay in position long enough to get just the shot you want, with significantly less expense than plane or helicopter shots. Cranes can be used for movie footage, to shoot commercials, or to take photos for personal or commercial use. For example, real estate agents can use cranes to get photos and footage of properties that they are trying to sell. Any time you need an aerial shot, consider the advantages of using a crane to get the image you want.

Show the View to Tourists

For businesses with proximity to sought-after tourist areas, cranes provide a cost-effective way to show off the views. Cranes are good for letting tourists take in leaves that are changing with the season, sunsets, and other natural wonders in your area. They are safe, reliable, and allow you to provide service to multiple groups in a single day.

Put Up Holiday Decorations

When it’s time to put up seasonal decorations, put away the shaky ladder and opt instead for the safety of a crane. Cranes will give you access to high spots on your home with much more security than a ladder, while allowing you to decorate a large space without climbing up and down repeatedly.

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