The Basics of Sheep Fencing

If you’re planning on developing a sheep farm, you’ll need plenty of grazing land and lots of specialty fencing to protect your livestock. Different types of livestock require different types and configurations of fencing. It’s a good idea to talk to a fencing specialist about your sheep herd’s unique needs before diving into the project. The Basic Types of Fencing A sheep farm needs both perimeter and interior fencing. The perimeter fence extends around the boundaries of the property or the grazing area. It must provide a strong defense against potential predators. The perimeter fence will also prevent the sheep from wandering off. The interior fencing may be permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary. Also known as cross fences, the interior fences will separate the fields into smaller grazing areas. This allows you to better control which fields will be grazed upon at any given time. It can prevent overgrazing. The Perimeter Fence If you have a limited budget, it’s best to spend less on the interior fencing and more on the perimeter fencing. The perimeter fencing is most important because it protects the herd from predators. Use high-quality materials and build it to last. Perimeter fences for sheep farms generally consist of high-tensile, electric fencing. Unlike cattle, which usually only require one or two strands of electric wire, it’s best to use five, six, or seven strands of 12.5 gauge, high-tensile wire for sheep farms. The wires at the bottom of the fence should be spaced closer together than the wires at the top. The high-tensile wire should be adjusted to an initial tension of 250 pounds. The Interior Fences Unlike perimeter fences, the primary purpose of interior fences is to keep the animals in a specific area. For this reason, the cross fences need to have smaller openings that prevent sheep from working their way through. The interior fences generally need to be at least 48 inches high. Semi-permanent netting may be used for temporary fencing, or high-tensile wires may be used for permanent cross fencing. If you need a cost-effective solution for livestock fencing, look no further than McKendrick Contracting Inc. Based in Steamboat Springs, CO, this fencing company provides affordable and reliable fencing around the country. You can call their office at (970) 879-7855 to request a quote for your project.