The Benefits of Braces

Everyone knows that braces help to straighten teeth. They can help to shift teeth that are crooked or close gaps. Many people think that this is just a cosmetic fix. But what you may not realize is that there are many benefits to having straight teeth beyond having a perfect smile. Here are a few of the benefits of the straighter teeth that you can obtain with the help of braces:

Straighter Teeth Help With Chewing and Eating

One of the benefits of braces is that your straight teeth can help you to chew and eat more efficiently. Biting into an apple or corn on the cob with crooked teeth can be challenging. And popcorn and other food can get stuck between gaps in your teeth, which can make you embarrassed to eat those foods in public. If you avoid eating the foods you like because of gaps and uneven teeth, braces can help.

Straighter Teeth Can Help With Speaking

Straighter teeth can help people enunciate their words better. The teeth help to hold the tongue in place, helping someone to pronounce words that may be tricky, challenging or say phrases that may be tongue twisters. It is important to note that talking with braces can be a bit more challenging at first, but once the braces come off, your speaking may improve.

Straighter Teeth Contribute to Healthier Teeth and Gums

Straighter teeth are easier to care for and keep food from getting stuck as easily between teeth. This can minimize the number of cavities you have and decrease your risk of gum disease.

The main goal of braces is to straighten your teeth. But there are many benefits to straighter teeth beyond the cosmetic aspect. If you are wondering if you are looking to straighten your teeth in the Steamboat Springs, CO are, let Allan D. Weimer DDS help. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.