The First-Timer's Guide to Downhill Skiing

Your first ski trip is exciting, but many people also feel a little nervous about hitting the slopes as a newcomer. Fortunately, after a few runs, you’ll feel confident and invigorated, and you’ll be itching to try bigger slopes before you know it. These tips will help you feel as prepared as possible for your first day of downhill skiing.

Start on the Beginner Slopes

Beginner slopes are wide and not very steep, which can make them unattractive after picturing yourself whizzing down the mountain. However, there is a reason slopes for new skiers are this way—because they are safe places to learn the basics of skiing with a minimal risk of injury. Even if the rest of your group is going to bigger slopes, stick to the beginner runs until you’ve completely mastered them. Even if they aren’t as fast as you might like, they beat getting hurt on your first run on an intermediate slope and having to sit the rest of the day out.

Dress the Part

Many first-time skiers choose jeans to wear on the slopes. Unfortunately, jeans easily get wet and trap moisture, which will make you cold and uncomfortable. Ski pants or shells, which are nylon waterproof pants, are ideal because they won’t absorb water. You will also need waterproof gloves and thin socks that aren’t too bulky in your ski boots. Wear a nylon jacket and warm layers that you can remove if you get too warm.

Take Lessons

Most ski resorts offer free group lessons for beginning skiers and private lessons for a price. The instructions you receive during these lessons are extremely valuable and usually more helpful than having a friend show you the ropes. Take advantage of the chance to get advice from the pros so you can improve your skiing quickly and safely.

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