The Foodie's Guide to Fine Cheeses

The Foodie's Guide to Fine Cheeses

Cheese often has a starring role in American cuisine. From cheese plates at fancy dinner parties to a melted slice of something savory on a sub sandwich, cheese is an ingredient that can tie a meal together and pair well with nearly any other ingredient. If you consider yourself a foodie, here’s what you need to know about some of the most commonly enjoyed fine cheeses.


Brie is a gourmet European cheese that originated in the French region of Brie. Made from cow’s milk, brie is soft-ripened with an off-white color and a creamy texture that’s perfect for spreading. The rind is edible. When served on a cheese plate, brie is often paired with zippy fruit preserves, which contrast nicely with the milder flavor of the cheese. When sliced and served on a sandwich, brie pairs nicely with roasted red peppers.


Another mild cheese, Gouda was originally made in the Netherlands in a town named Gouda. It’s among the most popular of all gourmet cheeses. Gouda features a mild flavor and a yellowish color. It’s a semi-hard cheese (harder than brie, but softer than aged cheddar) that boasts an aromatic flavor and springy texture. Gouda comes in many delicious varieties, including smoked and chipotle.


Provolone cheese is much beloved in Italy, where it hails from. It’s a semi-hard, artisanal cheese that’s pale yellow in color with a firm, grainy texture. The specific flavor depends on how long it’s been aged. Younger provolone cheeses have a mild, sweet taste, while older cheeses have a sharper, sometimes even spicy taste. Provolone cheese pairs well with hearty flavors, such as those you’d find on a sausage sub.

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