The Importance of Keeping Rodents Out of Your Living Spaces

The Importance of Keeping Rodents Out of Your Living Spaces

While some rodents may make for good pets, wild rodents are always unwelcome intruders. In fact, rodents—whether they’re mice, rats, or even prairie dogs—can be a hazard to you and your property. That’s why it’s important to call for professional pest control services if you spot a rodent hanging around your home. Here’s why it’s so important to keep rodents away:

Rodents can damage your property. 

Rodents such as mice and rats will chew on anything in their path. Unfortunately, that means that they can damage everything from drywall to wood to insulation. If there are rodents inside your home, then you could find yourself facing some very expensive property damage. If rodents chew on electrical wiring, it can even lead to a fire. 

Rodents can carry dangerous diseases. 

Mice and rats can harbor hazardous pathogens that pose a significant thread to human health. For example, they can carry hantavirus, tularemia, and even plague. While many of these diseases are rare, it is still possible to contract them if you have rodents in your home, especially if you have a weakened immune system. That’s why it’s important to avoid handling wild rodents and to prevent them from contaminating your food. 

Rodents can worsen your allergies. 

Individuals who have allergies or asthma need to be especially alert to the potential presence of rodents. If you have allergies, then having rodents inside your home can make them worse. Mice leave behind urine and droppings wherever they go, which can trigger allergy symptoms in many people. If you have asthma, then exposure to rodents can trigger attacks. 

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