The Natural Beauty of the Rustic Contemporary Style

The Natural Beauty of the Rustic Contemporary Style

Although many people associate contemporary style with city lofts and other urban dwellings, people with homes in more rural communities don’t have to give up on modern design. Rustic contemporary style borrows elements from both rustic and contemporary design styles, focusing on the best elements from both looks. Adding rustic elements to contemporary design warms up the minimalistic coldness that can sometimes accompany modern looks, while contemporary elements inject a refined upgrade into rustic looks. Embrace the natural elegance of rustic contemporary style with these tips.

Start with the Floors

Flooring sets the tone for rustic contemporary design. Wide plank wood is the perfect choice. Bleached wood is ideal, but dark wood works as well. Limestone or slate tiles can also work in rustic contemporary home, as long as they have clean edges without a tumbled finish. Textured surfaces are ok, as long as they are not overly ornate. Opt for a matte finish on all flooring.

Consider Countertops

Rustic and contemporary styles blend particularly well in the kitchen. Contemporary countertops in concrete, granite, or engineered stone are the perfect foundation for getting the look. Use crisp, instead of rounded, edges. Matching these contemporary countertops with rustic, beadboard cabinets painted white or cream will complete the look. Replacing cabinets with shelving on one wall is another good way to blend rustic and contemporary looks.


For rustic contemporary looks, go for contemporary style furniture . Keeping your furniture contemporary allows you to embrace rustic style with your walks and accessories. Choose furniture with sleek lines and modern materials, rather than heavy, ornate, wooden pieces to cement your look.

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