The Novice's Guide to Tequila

The Novice's Guide to Tequila

There are two kinds of drinkers: those who love tequila and those who haven’t fallen in love with it yet. For the latter, it is usually a case of not knowing how to choose the right kind of tequila. Not all tequila is the kind of strong, intense-tasting liquid with a worm inside that is synonymous with overindulging and hangovers. Develop an appreciation for tequila with this advice.

Know Your Type

There are several different kinds of tequila. Blanco is bottled immediately after being distilled, while reposado is aged for between two and twelve months. Añejo is aged for between one and three years, though some varieties are aged for longer. Joven is a blend of blanco and reposado tequilas. Mixto is not pure tequila but rather tequila that is mixed with different spirits as well as sugar. You can spot a mixto by the lack of “100% agave” on the label.

Rethink Aging

When choosing alcohol, age is usually associated with improved quality. However, with tequila, the opposite is usually true. Aging breaks down the agave flavors. As a general rule of thumb, tequila aged less than five years is the best. The rest comes down to your flavor preferences. Although many people love the agave-rich flavor of blanco, others prefer the barrel aging of añejo for sipping. If you stay under the five-year mark, you can find a high-quality tequila that matches your preferred flavors.

Avoid Mixto

Mixto, which may also be called gold, is cheap, but it is the lowest quality tequila available. Most of the negative ideas that people who think they don’t like tequila have are associated with mixto rather than 100% agave tequila.

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