The Proper Etiquette of Eating Noodles

Noodles are many people's favorite food, and they are likely to be ordered in an Asian restaurant. It is important to eat them without making a mess and to follow the proper etiquette.

Eating noodles in soups

It is easier to eat noodles with broth using both hands. Use a spoon to scoop the broth in one hand and use chopsticks in the other hand to grab the noodles. Then put the noodles in the spoon and eat the noodles from inside the broth.

Use chopsticks vs. fork to eat noodles in soup

Chopsticks are the preferred utensil in most Asian restaurants. Snap the chopsticks apart. Then take one stick with your dominant hand and hold it in a way that only an inch of the thick side is sticking out of your fingers.

Slurping Noodle with soup

In some Asian restaurants, slurping noodles with soup is not considered rude. It is also appropriate if you pick up the entire bowl of soup and drink. Slurping noodles is a technique used to cool down the broth.

Using utensils

Noodles are sloppy and to avoid making a mess when using utensils, take a fork and spin some noodles around the fork and at the same time anchor the fork on the bottom of the plate. If you are using a fork and a plate, the spoon should be on the left hand and the fork on the right. Push the tines through the noodles and meet the spoon on the other side. Hold the spoon tight and spin the fork until no noodle strands are hanging and then lift it to your mouth .moreover, you can cut them into small pieces with a knife making it easy to eat with either a spoon or fork.

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