The Right Way to Eat Ribs

Does the thought of a platter of slow-smoked ribs make your mouth water? At a BBQ restaurant, you’re likely to find both spare ribs and baby back ribs. Baby back ribs are the approximately six-inch-long ribs that are butchered from the pig’s ribs that connect to the backbone. Baby back ribs are exceptionally tender, and they’re leaner than spare ribs. Spare ribs are butchered from the ends of the baby back ribs. They run adjacent to the pig’s breastbone. Spare ribs tend to have more meat between the bones, which tends to feature more marbling. Whichever type of ribs you prefer, you can use the following tips to help you eat them with a minimum of mess. Arrive at the restaurant prepared. It’s best not to wear fancy clothes to a smokehouse restaurant if you’re planning on enjoying a platter of ribs. Instead, choose a dark-colored casual shirt and blue jeans. These clothes are easy to wash, and a dark-colored shirt will camouflage accidental sauce drippings. Ladies may wish to wear lip balm instead of lipstick, as lipstick will likely get smeared. Grab extra napkins. Ask the server to bring extra napkins when you order ribs. You might also want to ask if the restaurant offers moist towelettes for easier cleanup. Most smokehouses that serve ribs do, but you may want to tuck some into your purse, just in case. Separate a rib. If your rack of ribs has been slow-smoked, they may be tender enough to simply pull apart with your fingers. Grasp the ribs by the ends of the bones and pull apart. Otherwise, use a knife to cut a rib bone loose from the rack. Enjoy your ribs. Pick up a separated rib, holding onto each end with your index finger, middle finger, and thumb. Begin eating the rib on one end and work your way to the other end. Avoid starting in the middle, as this can cause the meat at the ends to fall off onto your plate. In Steamboat Springs, CO, you will find exceptionally flavorful baby back ribs at the Steamboat Smokehouse on Lincoln Avenue. They are locally famous for their hardwood-smoked meats, wings, and specialty BBQ sandwiches. You can call a staff member at (970) 879-7427 to inquire about their hours or make catering arrangements.