The Role of Lighting in Interior Design

The Role of Lighting in Interior Design

When most people think about interior design, they think of things like furniture and paint colors. However, lighting plays a central role in design, both in terms of the lighting pieces you choose and the kinds of lighting you use. Working with an interior designer is the best way to make light work for you, since they are experienced in the best techniques for making lighting come to life. There are three general categories of lighting used in interior design. Here is what you need to know.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting, which is sometimes referred to as general lighting, is the kind of lighting that keeps your space lit for your usual activities. Ambient lighting can include down lights, which point at the floor from the ceiling or the wall. This kind of lighting includes things like recessed lighting and track lighting. Up lights, as the name suggests, point up towards the ceiling. Wall sconces and torchiers are two examples of up lights. Lastly, lamps are also a kind of ambient lighting. They produce both up and down light. Every room in the home must have ambient lighting, but using different sources to create an adequate amount of light in a space makes it look more interesting and inviting.

Task Lighting

When you’re working at a computer, cooking, reading, or doing something else that needs to be illuminated, you need task lighting. Task lighting is brighter than ambient lighting and is focused on a specific spot. Using brighter ambient lighting is not sufficient and will actually increase cause eyestrain. Task lighting can include things like under-cabinet lighting or pendant lights.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is where the true design element can come into the picture. Rather than simply being functional, accent lighting draws attention to something. Accent lighting often used to highlight artwork, architectural features, or important objects.

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