Tips for Building Your Restaurant's Beer Selection

Craft beer is a trend that’s not going anywhere, and in the restaurant scene of Northwest Colorado, having a standout beer selection is a must for pleasing your customers. If you are opening a new restaurant or revamping your existing beer selection, follow these tips for expanding your tap list and bottle selection to better please your customers.

Get Feedback from Your Customers

Ideally, a beer list will have something for everyone—a classic pilsner, a few IPAs, a smooth-drinking wheat beer or two, a stout or porter, and maybe even a sour or Saison. However, your customers might have their own input. Allow them to give feedback about what they want to see on your beer list so that you know what will sell and what will be left sitting in the keg. You should also look at what sells poorly from your current beer list so you know what you might nix as you expand your selection.

Select from Breweries with Consistent Quality  

New breweries are popping up every day, which is great for variety, but can be troublesome in terms of consistency. Some newer operations—and even some established breweries—may not be consistent from batch to batch, making sales of their brews harder to predict. Try to stick with beers from breweries you know you can expect consistent quality from. If you do want to give a shout out to some new or exotic beers on the market, have one rotating tap that you swap out regularly so you can give young breweries a chance to shine.

Educate Your Staff and Hold Tastings for New Brews

When you start offering a larger beer selection, customers will expect some beer knowledge from the serving staff. Schedule tastings and offer education for your 21 and over servers so they will know exactly what to recommend from the menu for different types of drinkers.

With B & K Distributing Inc in Steamboat Springs, CO, you can build your beer list with the expertise and reliability of one of Northwest Colorado’s most established distributors. They partner with Anheuser-Busch to ensure responsible serving practices, as well as a large network of breweries for a more varied and dynamic tap list at your restaurant. For more information, give them a call today at (970) 879-1906.