Tips for Creating a Livable Family Room

Tips for Creating a Livable Family Room

The family room shouldn’t be a formal space like the living room—it might have a more casual feel and see much more traffic than other common spaces in the house. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to completely trade style for function. Here’s a look at how to blend timeless style with functionality to create a livable family room that will be a welcome space for your kids, pets, and guests.

Include a Variety of Seating Choices

Your family room should be a place to gather and relax, which means that it should have ample seating. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching pieces when selecting seating choices for the room. A comfy sofa is a must, but you might add some funky chairs or an oversized recliner as well. Padded ottomans can also be a great addition, functioning as seating when lots of people are home or adding the option to stretch out during quieter moments.

Select Darker, Stain-Proof Fabrics

The family room may not be the ideal place for an ivory couch or any lighter-colored upholstery. Dark colors can look sharp and modern, and they also function to hide stains better. After all, you don’t want to have to ban drinks and snacks on family movie nights. You can even look for couches and chairs that have stain-proof fabrics with Teflon coating, which will make the room even more welcoming to kids and pets in particular.

Look for Built-in Storage

One rule to keep in mind for the family room is that everything should have its own space to be stored neatly. You don’t have to rely on unsightly storage solutions to get games, movies, and toys out of the way when it’s time to clean up. Many tables and ottomans have hidden storage compartments inside, so you can keep the minimalist look without compromising your family’s fun and comfort.

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