Tips for Creating the Perfect Summer Cocktail

The hot summer days will soon be here and it’s time to start thinking about the types of drinks you’ll be serving around the pool and backyard barbecue. Here are a few tips to make sure you make the perfect cocktail!


Use fresh fruits and ingredients. You can focus on different types of fruit-based drinks as the seasons change. You may want to start the summer with strawberry daiquiris and then move onto apricot and peaches during the mid-summer. Watermelon and other melons are great to use during the latter part of summer.

Make Your Own Syrups

Making your own syrups are a fun way to sweeten your drinks and infuse some fresh ingredients. All you have to do is heat sugar, water, and bits of the seasonal fruit together until the ingredients all blend together. This is a great way to feature local or seasonal fruit to take any cocktail to the next level (just make sure to cool the syrup down with ice cubes before adding it to drinks). You can pair these syrups with your favorite liquor from your liquor store like vodka, gin, or even bourbon.


There are a couple of pieces of equipment you should have on hand on your patio when making great summertime drinks. You can find the basics from your local liquor store like a cocktail shaker, bar spoon, muddler and a jigger. You will need something to keep your ice cold or a portable ice maker to make sure you don’t run out of ice before the day is done. You may also want a commercial blender that can handle making multiple drinks like daiquiris and smoothies which can wear out a regular household blender.

Get a Recipe

There are hundreds of drink-making possibilities out there and the best way to learn about them is by collecting books and articles with summertime drink recipes from throughout the world. You can learn how to use ingredients in new and unique ways instead of relying on old summertime favorites like O.J. and vodka or gin and tonic. You can get good recipe books, equipment, and all the spirits you’ll need at your local liquor store.