Tips for Dressing for a Ski Trip

The trick to dressing for a ski trip is to wear layers. Several thin layers will keep you warmer than one very bulky jacket over a T-shirt. Plus, you’ll be able to remove a layer easily if you get too warm. Head over to the ski shop and invest in high-quality clothing intended specifically for a day on the slopes. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen and lip balm with built-in SPF!


A thermal shirt and long underpants should be the layer closest to your skin. Thermals are thin and lightweight, but they’ll keep you warm for hours. Look for high-quality thermals made of material that will wick moisture away from your body.

Ski Pants

Never wear jeans on a ski trip. They’ll get soaked from the snow, and you’ll get chilled. Instead, choose waterproof ski pants. Not all snow pants are excessively bulky. If you’re worried about bulk, look for thinner, well-fitted ski pants from Kjus or another top brand.

Ski Jacket

Similarly, your ski jacket must be made of waterproof material. It should be fitted so that you can easily maneuver in it, and it should feature a warmer inner layer. Expert skiers often prefer ski jackets with detachable hoods. The hood offers some extra protection from the wind when you’re heading down the slopes, but is easily removed for relaxing at the lodge with a cup of cocoa.


On a ski trip, accessories aren’t an afterthought. It’s essential to wear waterproof gloves that allow you to easily grip the poles. Wear a warm hat that covers your ears, or wear a headband or earmuffs in addition to your hat. Skip cotton socks and instead purchase a pair of specially designed ski socks. Lastly, wear eye protection. Tinted eyewear protects you from the glare of the sun and the harsh wind.

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