Tips for Finding the Right Skis

Finding the right skis is more than just going to the shop and picking out a pair you like the look of. It takes the understanding of what you're going to do with the equipment, not to mention your own body type. So before heading online and just checking off one that looks good, keep in mind these tips for finding the right skis.

What Do You Plan on Doing?

The right kind of ski heavily depends on what you plan on doing. Want to go cross country skiing? Look for backcountry or alpine touring skis (both are the same, some companies just refer to the skis differently). From there, a thinner ski widths are better for longer tours, while a wider waist is better for deep snow and on descents.

Other skis include powder skis and carving skis, while if you are interested in tricks, look towards park and pipe/freestyle skis (although it is recommended to become a great all around skier before moving on to tricks). You can also find Big-Mountain free ride skis for when you enjoy downhill skiing and all mountain skis, which are a combination of different styles. For all mountain, make sure to talk with a professional as each brand and combo is a bit different.

Height and Weight

Usually if you have a larger frame, you'll want wider and longer skis for additional balance. In terms of height, ideally with the ski tail on the ground, the tip should be between your elbow and nose.

Seek Out the Pros

The best way to find the perfect pair of skis is to stop by and have a professional measure you. This is especially the case if you're looking to invest in skis for the first time.

When it comes to finding the right pair of skis, it isn't one size fits all. You need to know the kind of activity you plan on doing while also keeping in account your body type. And always, if it is your first pair of skis, make sure to come into Ski Haus and be measured for the right pair.