Tips for Hunting & Fishing Year Round

To some people, fishing and hunting is not just a hobby but a lifetime adventure. Some people travel to Asia and Africa so as to get the best experiences of their lives. It is thus paramount to be well equipped with the knowledge of how to remain on top of your game least a mere animal defeats you.
When hunting, you should:

Be steady, take time to listen
During spring or summer when leaves are all over, you should take few steps and stand for a few minutes and listen. If you step on a stick or branch, hold still to prevent the noise from echoing out and scaring your prey. For example, a deer only runs when she sees you or when she smells you, and thus remaining calm lowers the chance of the animal seeing you.

Follow the track patiently
During summer, some people may say it is hard to hunt, but it is not entirely difficult. The snow leaves a good track when an animal is founded and is trying to run away. Most people get tired of following the tracks, making an assumption that the animal is still strong enough to run. Well, you might be wrong. With the cold weather and a wound, the deer will not run very far.

Fishing on the other hand requires:

Slower moving baits during winter
Due to the freezing water, a fast moving boat translates to a fast mobbing bait or lure. That does not work in such weather as the fish are a bit slow when moving. Rather, use slow moving boats and baits to get a chance. It is also important to fish in shallow water as fish try to come in such areas in search of oxygen.

Fish in deep waters during summer
That is the time to go deeper. To have a better chance, try fishing in a zone where the water suddenly changes from hot to cold. If you go fishing at night, try carrying the submersible or floating lights to help attract the fish and other insects that are baited with the big fish.

Fishing and hunting never get old, just better.

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