Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean Year-Round

Keeping a clean car doesn't just make it look great. It also extends the life of the vehicle as well. From inside and out, here are a few tips on keeping your car clean year-round.

Regular Washes

Don't just wash your car during the summer. Winter time is often more important than any other season. This is because the salt used to melt ice off of roadways can cause metal to rust. The only way to prevent rust from developing on your vehicle, outside of never driving during the winter, is to wash it regularly (every week or two). Make sure you use an under carriage flush though. Otherwise the underside of your vehicle won't receive any cleaning attention.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

If you spill anything inside, clean it up right away. If you don't, it will just dry and leave a sticky residue that's even more difficult to clean up later.

Invest in Rubber Mats

The carpet mats for your vehicle are nice, until it rains or snows. Carpeting collects dirt and becomes difficult to clean. In wet situations it absorbs the moisture and can develop mold. During the winter, as snow is tracked into your vehicle, this can begin to pool and even cause rust to develop. A rubber mat prevents all of this from happening.

Don't Forget the Wheels

Unless you're driving around with hubcaps (which is becoming less and less common with newer vehicles), you need to make sure and clean the wheels. These areas are often the forgotten part of the vehicle regarding a clean, yet extended exposure to moisture may make those chrome wheels begin to spot and deteriorate.

Keeps Cleaning Supplies On Hand

Having your vehicle cleaned on a regular basis is important, but between regular cleanings make sure to have some cleaning supplies on hand. Whether this is a leather cleaner for your seats or dash wipes, spot cleaning keeps the interior looking great.

By following these clean car tips, your vehicle will always look showroom ready. From SUVs to compact coupes, make sure to do what you can, when you can, to clean your car. Your vehicle, and your pocket book, will thank you long term.

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