Tips for Mixing Fabrics in Interior Design

Tips for Mixing Fabrics in Interior Design

Every room relies on fabrics to bring an element of tactile delight into the room. Even in the kitchen, you will find fabrics—from the bar stool cushions to the cheerful curtains hanging over the window. Fabrics can be used as a focal point for the room or as an accent. One of the trickiest aspects to pull off is the use of fabrics with different patterns. Here are some interior design tips for using fabrics successfully.

Use patterns in the same color palette.

One of the easiest ways to mix and match fabrics with different patterns is to choose fabrics from the same color palette. If you’re partial to blue, choose turquoise, teal, and sky blue fabrics in different patterns.

Vary the size of the fabric patterns.

It doesn’t usually work well to use multiple fabric patterns that are the same general size. Instead, match patterns that are small, medium, and large. You might have the largest pattern on the rug, for instance, with small and medium patterns on the upholstery and accent pieces.

Vary the shape of the fabric patterns.

Along with variations in pattern sizes, it’s helpful to have an assortment of pattern shapes. If your couch is upholstered in striped fabric, choose a rounder, loopy pattern for the cushions to give the room some contrast.

Mix in some solids.

Patterns can give a room an extra flair, but too many different patterns can overwhelm the space. Add some fabrics with solid colors to break it up. For instance, if you have an intricate, eye-catching area rug, you may wish to add a neutral sofa in a solid color in order to draw the viewer’s attention back to the rug.

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