Tips for an Easy Move

Even if you list “works well under pressure” on your resume, you are still likely to feel stressed when moving to a new home. The fact is, the moving process can make anyone crazy.

We can help reduce your stress with five easy strategies designed to keep you on track.

1. Find a Realtor

This should be your top priority. Although it might be tempting to skip this part and save some money, the only thing that extra money will buy you is extra hassles. So, find a realtor whose professional skills will guide you through the labyrinth of hunting, negotiating, and closing.

2. Create a Moving Binder

Stay organized with a binder, using tabs for the following categories and documentation:

-Master checklist: appointments, tasks and organizational projects.

-Current house: move-out inspections, cleaning receipts and utility cancellation confirmation numbers.

-New house: inspection reports and appraisals.

-Moving company: receipts, damage reports and inventory.

-Records: personal, medical and veterinary.

3. Purge Junk

Discard trash and separate items your movers won’t pack, such as foods, aerosols, and liquids. Gather several empty boxes and label them “trash” and “keep.” Start with your bathrooms, and safely dispose of expired medications. Then, toss junk in “trash” boxes and save desired items in “keep” boxes. Do the same for your kitchen, utility room, and garage.

4. Bag Loose Items

Place your linens and curtains into vacuum-sealable Space Bags. This way, movers won’t use them as packing material. Dump toys and the contents of your junk drawer and kitchen drawers into 2-gallon Ziploc bags. This strategy will reduce stress when you unpack later, as you will unpack contained bags with obvious homes.

5. Designate a “Don’t Pack” Space

Before loading day, label a space in your home as, “Don’t Pack.” Here, place the items that you don’t want the movers to pack, such as your packed suitcases, laptop or tablet, a small coffee maker, your “keep” boxes, work materials, and personal documents.

Raring to go? Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties can help find your new forever home and get the moving process started!