Top Ingredients for Satisfying Salads

Top Ingredients for Satisfying Salads

A salad may be a fresh way to start a meal, or—with a few extra ingredients—it may even become the meal itself. When it comes to tasty and satisfying salads , your imagination is the limit with the toppings you might enjoy. Here’s a look at some staple ingredients that you’ll see in your salad when dining out in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Fresh Greens

Almost every salad starts on a bed of fresh, raw greens. Classic choices include romaine lettuce, butter lettuce, and iceberg lettuce, but more adventurous eaters may prefer kale, microgreens, watercress, or peppery arugula.

Grilled Meats

If you are enjoying a salad as a meal , it is nice to have some added protein to keep you full and satisfied. Grilled chicken, steak, and grilled fish are excellent choices for any salad, and these additions will usually be sliced thin, so they are easily eaten with the rest of the dish.

Crunchy Croutons

Varying textures are essential for a salad—otherwise everything just gets lost in the dressing. For some added crunch, you may want some toasty croutons. If you want to keep it lighter, try substituting sunflower seeds or slivered almonds for a similar crunch with fewer carbs.

Juicy Tomatoes

When tomatoes are in season in the summer, they are best enjoyed raw, so they can be appreciated for their full flavor. Plump, juicy tomatoes will fit into any flavor profile, whether you want Southwestern flair or light Tuscan flavors in your salad entrée.

Creamy Avocados

For some added nutrition and exceptional flavor, you might opt for some sliced avocado on your salad. Avocado is naturally creamy and delicious, and it offers a healthy dose of good fats and fiber, which will keep you full as well as satisfy your cravings when a salad may not have been your first choice, but you still want to keep things healthy.

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