Top Side Dishes for BBQ

Barbeque is one of America’s most iconic cuisines, with regional variations adding unique flavors in smokehouses throughout the country. With the slow-smoked, tender meats showcased in barbeque, you can expect to see some classic side dishes that complement the flavor of the sweet, tangy, and savory meats without overpowering them. Here’s a look at some favorites for sides when barbeque is on the menu.


It’s rare to come across a BBQ joint that doesn’t make their own coleslaw, because this shredded salad is an essential pairing with pulled pork, smoked chicken, brisket, ribs, and just about anything else that might come out of the smoker. It’s a simple dish made from shredded cabbage, carrots, and a mayonnaise-based dressing that’s creamy, sweet, and crunchy—the perfect simple complement for the depth of barbequed meats.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is another perfect side for barbeque because it offers a richness to stand up to the meat with a creamy cheese flavor that plays well with barbeque sauce. Pair a tangy vinegar- or mustard-based sauce with mac and cheese on the side to treat your taste buds with a delightful flavor combination.

Texas Toast

Some BBQ restaurants don’t bother with toast and just give you a loaf of white bread, while others will toast up thick slices of bread with a good spread of butter to go alongside their meats. Either way, bread is a necessity for BBQ, because you can use it as a utensil to pick up shredded meats like pulled pork, and it’s the perfect mop for any sauces and drippings when you’ve otherwise cleaned your plate.


Barbeque is all about slow curing and slow cooking, so it makes sense that pickles are usually brought to the party too, since they also require a slow curing process. Pickles also act as a great palate cleanser, so you can experience the pure flavor of every meat and other side dish you’ve put on your plate.

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