Traveling with Your Pets

It can be difficult for animal lovers to enjoy their vacations knowing that their furry loved ones are stuck at home or in a kennel. If you can find a pet-friendly motel near your destination, however, there’s no reason why your beloved Fluffy or Fido can’t come with you. Animal welfare experts generally consider it safer to travel with your pets on the road, rather than by plane, unless your animal is small enough to stay with you for the duration of the flight.

Veterinary Care

Bring your pet to the vet while you’re preparing for your trip. Make sure he or she is up to date on all vaccinations. Ask the vet for a health certificate. It should be dated within 10 days of your trip. Additionally, talk to your vet about safe ways to keep your pet calm during travel.

Pet Identification

All pets should receive a microchip before leaving home. Remember that a microchip isn’t the same as a GPS tracker. Consider purchasing a GPS tracker made specifically for pets. Your pet should also wear a collar with identification tags. Add a temporary tag that includes your intended travel destination, your phone number at the destination, and your cell phone number.

Pet’s Luggage

Your pet needs his or her own travel kit. You should have any necessary documents, medications, and first aid supplies close at hand. Of course, your furry friend will also need food, bottled water, bowls, a leash, waste scoop, and cleanup bags. Bring a familiar toy or stuffed animal to help your pet feel more content during your trip.

Well-mannered pets are always welcome to stay with you at the Rabbit Ears Motel. While you’re enjoying your vacation in Steamboat Springs, CO, make sure to never leave your pets unattended in your room. Questions about pet-related fees can be directed to the motel staff at (970) 879-1150.