Types of Lighting to Integrate Into Your Home

Types of Lighting to Integrate Into Your Home

A well-designed home demands a carefully crafted lighting scheme. Quality lighting won’t just let you see what you’re doing; it should also draw attention to the most beautiful and elegant features of your home. From ambient lighting to task lighting to accent lighting, all the different elements should work harmoniously together to create an exquisitely illuminated space.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is best thought of as a base or foundation of light. Ambient light can naturally come from windows and skylights, but it may also be artificial. Surface ceiling lights, recessed ceiling lights, track lights, and strong floor lamps can all provide ambient lighting for a room. In addition to providing overall illumination, ambient lighting can add warmth and depth to the space. When designing ambient lighting for a room, it’s important to illuminate the entire space as evenly as possible. Simply adding one floor lamp to a corner won’t likely get the job done, unless it’s a very small room. Instead, strive for a balanced lighting design.

Task Lighting

Just as the name implies, task lighting is intended to illuminate specific areas in which tasks are performed. Common examples include preparing food at the kitchen counter, doing office work, or putting together a puzzle in the living room. While homeowners often prefer a warm glow for ambient lighting, a sharp, cool-toned bulb is best for task lighting. Two examples of task lighting are under-cabinet lights in the kitchen and desk lamps in the office.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is purely aesthetic, rather than functional. Its intent is to draw the eye to a specific feature of the home, such as artwork on the wall or an intricate mural in the living room. Accent lights are targeted at that specific feature. They may be provided by wall sconces or even recessed ceiling lights. For dramatic effect, accent lights should be about three times brighter than the ambient light.

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