Upgrade Your Ramen

Ramen is an excellent meal when you only have a little time and you need something to eat quickly. It is also quite cheap. This explains its common association with poor college students who need to save money on groceries in order to afford other expenses. However, ramen is not just limited to a food for poor college students. Plenty of other people consume ramen on a regular basis due to its low cost and how easy it is to prepare. A wide range of people looking to have a cheap meal buy and consume ramen, so its appeal is actually quite diverse.

There are a variety of ways to make ramen, as well. The most common way is to simply purchase ramen from your local grocery store. The ramen packets come with the noodles and some variety of spices in order to make the noodles more delicious. It is easy to find a variety of ramen flavors, but the two most common flavors are beef and chicken. After you have the packet, you simply boil water, pour in the noodles, then stir. Once the noodles are ready, you pour in the spices and stir again before taking the pot off the stove.

Making your own ramen is also possible. You can simply buy the noodles from your local grocery store and make seasoning for it by combining a variety of spices. One tip for making your own ramen is to experiment with seasoning quite a bit. You may not know what kind of seasoning you like for your handmade ramen or how much, so experimenting will help you figure that out. Aside from the seasoning, trying out different kinds of noodles for your ramen is also a good idea. Different noodles will give you different tastes and require different processes to cook effectively.

You might want to see how others make their own ramen to get ideas for your next meal. In that case, checking out Noodles & More Saigon Cafe here is an excellent place to start. Their menu includes a large variety of noodles and you can incorporate some of their concepts into your own cooking.