Using a Bowl: A Guide for Beginners

These days, there are so many different ways to consume cannabis that some users will never actually ignite their flower in a pipe or bong. However, if you want to capture that classic experience, you will want to invest in your own piece and learn how to properly load it. If you’ve never loaded a bowl before, then there are a few key steps to know. Use a screen at the bottom of the bowl. The bowl is the basin where you pack in your flower. There will be an opening at the bottom, where loose pieces of herb can pass through without a screen in place. Glass screens are often the preferred choice of smokers, but you can find mesh metal screens as well. If you don’t have either one handy, a piece of stem can help partially block the opening to keep you from inhaling small particulates with your hit. Grind your herb before packing. While some old-time marijuana smokers will insist on breaking up their herb by hand, using an herb grinder is the most reliable way to break up flower. It will evenly break up your flower without creating an overly fine, powdery grind. Don’t overpack the bowl. A common mistake is to pack the bowl too tightly, leaving no room for air flow, which will clog up the pipe. Add your herb lightly at the bottom of the bowl, and then compress it at the very top to keep the pipe easily lit without becoming clogged. Light on the very edge. When smoking in a group, it is proper etiquette to light just the outer edge of the bowl to ensure that everyone gets a green hit. Many smokers prefer just a normal lighter to ignite the flower, but some will use a hemp wick, which can help light the bowl more evenly and prevent inhaling any stray butane from the lighter. For tips on packing a bowl and an exceptional selection of flower in Steamboat Springs, visit Rocky Mountain Remedies. They offer a huge variety of recreational marijuana served by friendly and knowledgeable budtenders. Call (970) 871-2768 to learn more.