What Exactly Are Microbrews and Craft Beers?

The reign of mass-produced light pilsners has ended, and craft beers are now dominating the scene. But what exactly are microbrews and craft beers, and how can you choose from the massive selection to find what you like? Here is an overview of craft beers and microbrews to help you on this exciting journey of beer exploration. Craft Beers In order to be considered a craft brewery, a brewery must not produce more than six million gallons of beer per year. More recently, this guideline has been updated to say that a craft brewery can represent no more than 3% of the national market. In addition, craft breweries must be independently owned. Craft beers are often made with traditional ingredients, but should not shy away from innovation. Previously, craft beers were required to contain at least 50% malted barley, but that is no longer a strict requirement. Microbrews You might have assumed that microbreweries are just a faction of craft breweries. However, that is not necessarily the case. Microbreweries must not produce more than 460,000 gallons of beer per year. In addition, at least 75% of the beer brewed should be sold outside of the brewery. That is where the requirements for microbreweries end. Thus, while some microbrews may also be classified as craft beers, this is not always the case. Finding Your Favorite Beer Craft beers and microbrews have experienced a huge surge in popularity over the last decade. This means that the selection of beer at your local liquor store may initially feel overwhelming. However, there are a few ways that you can become more familiar with the different styles and options that are available. Look for variety packs from craft breweries and microbreweries. These generally contain a variety of beer styles, giving you the chance to explore different flavor profiles. You should also check to see if the liquor store sells individual bottles of beer, which allow you to try new options without purchasing an entire pack. Whether you want to try a new craft beer, high-quality wine, or innovative liqueur, you’ll find a great selection and friendly service when you visit Steamboat Discount Liquor. For more information about this liquor store in Steamboat Springs, call (970) 879-2191 today.