What Is Mop Sauce?

What Is Mop Sauce?

The term “mop sauce” may sound more like a cleaning solution than an appetizing addition to your food, but it’s one of the components that makes classic, slow-cooked barbecue meat so deliciously succulent and juicy. It takes its name from the mopping method used to apply the sauce, which is added periodically throughout cooking to keep cuts of meat moist and flavorful as they get slow-smoked to perfection for fall-off-the-bone tenderness. Work up an appetite for some barbecue by reading more about mop sauce below.

Understanding Barbecue Cooking

Barbecue cuisine is all about bringing out the best flavors in otherwise tough cuts of meat. Cuts like the ribs, shoulder, and brisket are perfect for slow-smoked barbecuing, because they have lots of fat and connective tissue to break down, and that takes cooking for a long time at a low temperature. During barbecue cooking, meat is held in a smoker at about 200-225 degrees for periods of up to 12-15 hours. The smoke gently infuses the food as it cooks low and slow, but the environment in the smoker is rather dry, so the outer edges of the meat can become dry as well.

Enhancing Flavor and Retaining Moisture

Adding a mop to the meat prevents drying by moistening the outer edges and adding flavor at the same time. Mop sauce is generally a thin sauce that is easily soaked up by the meat as it’s mopped on with a food brush. The specific recipe varies, but commonly there is an acidic component, such as apple cider vinegar, tomato juice, or beer. Acid helps to flavor food and enhance savory flavor notes while also breaking down proteins to tenderize the meat. By repeatedly mopping the meat as it cooks, you will end up with a moist interior and a crisp, intensely flavorful bark on the outer edge.

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