What Kinds of Transportation Do You Need for Your Wedding?

What Kinds of Transportation Do You Need for Your Wedding?

Transportation is a key component of the logistics of your wedding day. This is especially true if you are having a destination wedding and your guests will be without their cars. Relying on public transportation won’t cut it, and who wants to drive or wait for a taxi at the end of their wedding reception? When you plan transportation for your wedding, here are some of the kinds you may need.

Transportation to the Ceremony

For the wedding party, having transportation lined up will negative any risks of delays, late arrivals, and unexpected issues. Since you’ll all be traveling together, you won’t have to worry about anyone in the party getting to the venue late and putting the ceremony behind schedule. If you have a lot of guests from out of town or plan to have a destination wedding, it is also helpful to have transportation for the guests. If most of your guests are staying in the same hotel, you can have a van or bus pick everyone up at the hotel to take them to the venue.

Transportation from the Ceremony to the Reception

If your ceremony and reception aren’t in the same location, then it is helpful to have transportation set up to get from point A to point B. A mini-bus or van can get your guests where they need to be. The wedding party should also have their own transportation, particularly since they will need to take photos before they can go to the reception.

Transportation from the Reception

Providing transportation for your guests from the reception is a good way to avoid any concerns about drinking and driving. It can be helpful to have two or more runs from the reception to the hotel, so guests can leave at different times. Of course, a limo for the bride and groom is a must.

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