What You Need to Know About Après Ski Traditions

No matter what conditions are like on the slopes, there’s one thing you can guarantee you’ll remember with every ski trip: Après ski—or the time spent unwinding after your last run of the day. This tradition comes from European mountain dwellers, who would always end a day of skiing with warm drinks like spiked cider and mulled wine to unwind before heading home to tend to the day’s chores. Of course, over time, the tradition has involved in more elaborate and luxurious settings, so it can be a little more than a warm cocktail by a fire. Here’s a quick look at what you should know about modern après ski traditions so that you can plan accordingly for your next ski trip.

Après Ski comes in many settings.

For some, après means going out to a lavish club or high-end bar, while others would have nothing more than a dive bar serving up cheap whisky shots chased with a PBR. For many skiers, however, the ideal après ski is something in between. Happy hour in an upscale modern bar right off the slopes, for example.

Specialty cocktails are the right choice.

No matter where you choose to go, you should always order like a local with the specialty cocktail of the bar. Spiked hot chocolate, mulled wine, and other warm beverages are often a libation of choice for après, since they offer a warm reprieve from the cold outside.

Boots-on après ski is out of style.

Back in the day, boots-on après ski was the style—meaning that you didn’t need to change your wardrobe to unwind and relax. These days, boots-on isn’t so common (especially in higher-end establishments), so make sure you bring some more comfortable clothes and shoes to change into once you’re ready to get into après mode.

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