What You Need to Know About Car Maintenance

Modern vehicles are built to last, but they do require frequent maintenance to continue running smoothly. Whether you’ve just purchased your first car or your fifth, it’s worth taking a few minutes to brush up on the basics of car maintenance. A technician at the auto body shop can help you figure out which preventive maintenance your car needs.

Always check the owner’s manual.

Few people bother to check the owner’s manual until there’s a problem. But it’s an important resource for preventive maintenance. The owner’s manual will tell you exactly what type of motor oil to use, for instance. It also contains a recommended maintenance schedule for your make and model.

Check the oil level regularly.

This is another preventive maintenance step that many car owners skip or wait too long to do. You should check your motor oil at least once per month. Do it when your engine is cool. If the oil is below the maximum, add more right away. While you’re checking it, smear a little on a clean rag and examine it. If it contains particulate matter, this could indicate that some components are getting worn down. And if the oil is a very dark color instead of an amber color, then it’s time for an oil change.

Check your tire pressure.

Check your tire pressure at least every month. Tire pressure gauges are inexpensive and easily fit into the glove compartment. Look for the correct tire pressure printed on the inside of the driver’s door jamb. While you’re checking the pressure, check the treads. If they’re getting worn down, it’s time to take your car to the shop and have new tires put on. An uneven wear pattern can indicate that your car needs an alignment.

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