What to Bring When Picnicking at Steamboat Lake

What to Bring When Picnicking at Steamboat Lake

Steamboat Lake is a favorite summertime destination among locals of Steamboat Springs, CO. From paddle boarding to sailboarding to geocaching, there is something for everyone. If you’re planning to pair your favorite activity with a picnic, start planning early to ensure you’ll remember to bring enough beverages and everything else your guests will need.

Coolers and Ice

There are grills available for public use at the Placer Cove day-use area and a few other popular picnicking spots on Steamboat Lake. If you’re planning to grill perishable foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, or chicken, you’ll need to bring coolers with plenty of ice to prevent spoilage. Planning to feed a large crowd? Bring multiple coolers and designate one for highly perishable items like raw meats. Put beer and other beverages in their own cooler, as this one will be opened and closed often. In addition to alcoholic beverages, bring some water bottles.

Table Items and Condiments

Bring a tablecloth to spread over the picnic table or the grass. You’ll also need utensils, plates, and possibly cups, depending on the packaging of the beverages you’re bringing. Reusable utensils and plates are environmentally friendly, although it can be messy to transport dirty plates back home. Other items to set up on your picnic table may include salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, and mayo. 

Side Dishes

Grilled burgers and hot dogs definitely have the starring role of any picnic, but you’ll also want to bring along some side dishes for your guests. Look for options that require little to no preparation, like potato chips, pickles, tossed salad, and fruit salad.

Cleanup Items

Picnicking on public land is a privilege. It’s important to leave the picnic area exactly how you found it. Bring a trash bag for your garbage and make sure your guests use it. Your guests will also appreciate napkins, moist hand wipes, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. If dogs will be attending your picnic, remember to bring plastic bags for their waste.

No picnic for adults is complete without a selection of brews. Stop by Steamboat Discount Liquor to pick up some cold beer, including microbrews, for a day of fun at the lake. You can call their store on Lincoln Avenue in Steamboat Springs at (970) 879-2191.