What to Expect When You Hire an Interior Designer


Interior design is a deceptively complicated endeavor. When a room is flawlessly put together, it looks as if designing it should have been simple. But the truth is that the process behind getting that flawlessly designed room requires long hours of hard work and expert know-how. Fortunately, when you hire a professional interior designer, he or she will handle the heavy lifting for you.

You’ll need to have an established budget.

The interior designer will need to know what your financial constraints are before he or she gets started. Remember that your budget needs to cover the cost of materials and home furnishings, as well as the design fees and any labor costs. The interior designer will explain the breakdown of all fees before you sign the paperwork.

You’ll be asked which specific services you want.

You may need a full-service designer or you might prefer a la carte services. You’ll need to let the designer know exactly what you’re looking for before he or she can get started. For example, some homeowners may only be interested in hiring the designer to do the design consultation, site measurement and assessment, and space planning. Other homeowners might want all of those services, plus purchasing or procurement and project management services.

You’ll need to be specific with your style preferences.

In order to give you results you’ll love for years to come, the interior designer will ask a lot of questions about your personal style preferences. It’s all right if you aren’t familiar with the terminology. Browse home design websites and magazines, and save pictures of homes that you love. The interior designer can use these images to develop a good sense of what you’re looking for.

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