What to Know About Medical Marijuana and Seizures

One of the reasons why medical marijuana use has become so widespread in recent years is that it has the potential to treat many conditions for which traditional medicine has failed to offer solutions. For example, patients experiencing chronic pain often find greater relief with fewer side effects using medical marijuana compared to opioid pain killers. Recurring seizures caused by epilepsy can also be aided by medical cannabis. Below you’ll find some essential information on how medical marijuana can be used to control seizures. Evidence shows that medical marijuana can help control seizures. While some claims of medical marijuana’s treatment potential are not well-researched, there have been multiple studies exploring the efficacy of marijuana for recurring seizures. Medical cannabis, THC, and CBD have all shown positive effects in scientific studies. The FDA has approved a cannabis-derived medicine for the treatment of epilepsy. Further supporting the efficacy of cannabis-based treatment for epilepsy is the fact that the FDA has recently approved Epidiolex as an epilepsy treatment option. This medication contains plant-derived CBD, and has performed well in clinical trials. While other types of medical marijuana have not been approved by the FDA, the use of this medication does show promising development for future research that could help patients explore a wider range of treatment options. Seizures can be controlled with medical marijuana products that do not contain THC. For patients who want to discover the benefits of medical marijuana treatment without getting high, there are many products available that contain little to no THC. THC is what causes the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. Products without THC allow patients to access the benefits of medical cannabis treatment without those unwanted side effects. This can be particularly beneficial for treating children with epileptic seizures. At Golden Leaf Medical Marijuana, LLC, you can find a wide selection of medical and recreational marijuana products with knowledgeable budtenders who will help you find the best products for your needs and preferences. Learn more about their selection of organic cannabis products in Steamboat Springs by calling (970) 870-2941.

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