What to Look for in a Child's Mattress

Choosing a mattress for your child can be a little more difficult than choosing your own, since kids have different needs than adults. Further, since they are still growing, you may struggle to choose between mattresses that are right for now and those that will allow your child to grow. This advice will help you pick the perfect mattress to give your child the best night’s sleep possible.

Start with Size

Size is the easiest decision to make for your child’s mattress. Make sure the size you choose matches the bed that you have for your child. If you don’t already have a bed, you may wish to consider getting at least a full size bed and mattress. Although a twin may seem adequate now, as your child grows, it will become less comfortable. A full size mattress allows you the option of using your child’s room as a guest room as well.

Consider Firmness

Firmness is a big concern when choosing a mattress for anyone of any age. For babies, only a firm mattress will do, as anything soft increases the risk of suffocation. However, once your child is big enough for a bed, you don’t have to be guided by this concern anymore. Generally, younger kids prefer firmer mattresses, since they are most similar to what they are used to from their cribs. As kids get older, they tend to prefer plush mattresses. Your child’s sleep position can also help you decide about firmness. Stomach sleepers do better with firm mattresses, while side and back sleepers benefit from plush mattresses.

Select Support

Support has to do with the inner construction of the mattress. Innerspring mattresses are the most popular for kids and offer adequate support. However, if your child has allergies, you may choose a memory foam mattress, since the foam is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust.

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