What to Pack When Traveling with a Toddler

Taking a trip with a toddler is certainly different than child-free traveling, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be an enjoyable trip. If you prepare well and pack the right items, you can help to ensure that your travel plans go smoothly for the entire family. As you pack for your stay in a Steamboat Springs hotel, consider the following tips to make traveling with your toddler easier. Snacks and Easy Meals Everyone gets cranky when they’re hungry, and this is especially true for toddlers. Prevent a hunger-driven meltdown during your travels by packing snacks and easy meals that your toddler is sure to enjoy. While traveling presents a great opportunity to try new foods, this can be overwhelming for young children, so it’s best to have a few of your child’s favorite foods available. Entertainment Whether you’re taking a plane ride or a road trip, the long hours of travel can be difficult and boring for a young child. Be sure that you pack a few toys and gadgets to keep your toddler entertained during your trip. Coloring books, magnetic games, and a tablet with headphones are all great options. Your child will be able to use these items on a plane, in a car, or at your family-friendly hotel. Comfort Items Taking a trip with a toddler means leaving the familiarity and routine of home behind. This can be overwhelming, but you can help your child feel comfortable while traveling by packing one or two items that bring your child comfort. A favorite blanket or stuffed animal is a great choice. Just be sure to keep an eye on the item to ensure that it isn’t lost during your trip! Extra Outfits Messes and spills are an inevitable part of life with a toddler. They become even more common during travel, when your child will be encountering unfamiliar environments and situations. Be sure that you keep an extra outfit or two handy at all times in case your child spills a drink, encounters a dirty situation, or becomes ill during your trip. When you stay at Hampton Inn & Suites in Steamboat Springs, CO, you can rest assured that the entire family—including your toddler—will have a great time! You’ll be able to enjoy a luxurious room, beautiful surroundings, and a complimentary hot breakfast at this hotel. To make a reservation, call (970) 871-8900 today.