When Should I Replace My Ski Boots?

If you’re starting to wonder whether you should replace your ski boots, there’s a good chance that they’re already at the end of their lifespan. How long ski boots last depends on the amount of skiing you do and how well you take care of them. As a general rule of thumb, the average pair of ski boots will last for 150 days of skiing. However, if you tend to ski for the entire day each time you go, your boots may need to be replaced a little sooner.

Examine the soles of your ski boots.

If you haven’t been keeping track of how many days you’ve spent in your ski boots, you can use a visual examination to determine whether you should replace them. First, inspect the soles for signs of damage from wear and tear. Pay particular attention to the toe box and the heel area. Significant wear on these areas is especially problematic, as it can prevent the boots from releasing easily from the binding. Sometimes, worn soles can be replaced without replacing the boots themselves. However, if the soles are worn out, there’s a good chance that the shell has suffered damage too.

Inspect the shell of your ski boots.

After about 150 days of skiing, the shell of a ski boot begins to lose structural integrity. If you tend to ski all season long, you’ll need a new pair of boots each season. Examine the plastic of the shell. Has it faded? If so, the UV damage has likely weakened the plastic as well. Does the shell maintain its shape? If the plastic on the upper cuff doesn’t maintain its curvature, the boots will need to be replaced.

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