Which Type of Catering Is Right for Your Special Event?

Which Type of Catering Is Right for Your Special Event?

From birthdays and graduation parties to corporate seminars and retirement parties, life is full of special events. Catering your special event allows you to get the most out of it. You won’t have to worry about cooking or clean-up, and you’ll love hearing your guests rave about the tasty food and elegant presentation. Talk to a caterer to find out which types of catering arrangements are available.

Convenience Catering at Home

Some catering companies provide meal drop-offs. You’ll get a hot, delicious meal delivered to your door. Another option is to purchase heat and serve meals. These meals come with heating instructions and are contained within aluminum containers ready to go in the oven. Both options are ideal for intimate events, like a couple’s anniversary. They’re also a great choice for new parents who are busy with the baby!

Buffet Catering

A buffet-style meal is ideal for many types of special occasions. The catering company will handle the set-up for you, and will provide servers to restock food, assist guests, and clean up afterward. A buffet meal is a good choice for a less formal event, like a family reunion or a large birthday party. It allows your guests to choose exactly which foods they want from a wide selection of options. Special dietary needs can also be accommodated.

Dinner Service

A dinner service arrangement can be as formal or informal as you wish. You could opt for a family-style meal if you’re planning a birthday or graduation party. Or, you might prefer a full-service plated dinner if you’re planning a wedding. Consider adding a bartender to the package. A bartender can pour wine, champagne, or beer, or mix cocktails for your guests.

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