White Wine Picks for Red Wine Drinkers

White Wine Picks for Red Wine Drinkers

Some wine drinkers love to switch it up between red and white wines, while others are strictly red wine loyalists. If you’re a red wine drinker who wishes you could enjoy a nice glass of chilled white wine in the summer or with a light dinner, the good news is that there are whites that are likely to appeal to your palate. Here are some of the white wine picks you should try if you tend to reach for red.

If you like pinot noir, try chardonnay.

Chardonnay is the perfect white wine pick for people who like pinot noir. These kinds of grapes are frequently grown together in the same vineyard, and even when the vineyards are separate, they are found in the same regions. If you like your pinot noir to have a fresh and light taste, then a white burgundy chardonnay is usually a good choice. If you prefer your red a little richer, you should try a chardonnay that has oaky, buttery notes, such as California chardonnay.

If you like cabernet sauvignon or merlot, try sauvignon blanc.

Cabernet sauvignon and merlot are both made from Bordeaux grapes, as are sauvignon blanc wines. However, some sauvignon blancs lack the full-bodied flavors that red wine drinkers are looking for, so be sure to choose a white from a region in which the grapes deliver a richer flavor. Semillon-sauvignon blanc blends are also a good option for combining the earthiness of the cabernet sauvignon and merlots with the extra heft that might be missing from some sauvignon blancs.

If you like tempranillos, try Rhone wines.

Although tempranillos are associated with Spain, the best white matches come from the Rhone region of France. The grapes in this region have the full body and low acidity that tempranillo drinkers appreciate.

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