Why Flu Shots Are Important to Your Overall Health


When flu season arrives, one of the most important things you can do for your health is to get a flu shot. Although flu shots cannot prevent every case of the flu, since different strains of the virus may be circulating in any given season, getting a flu shot is still the best defense you have against the potentially life-threatening virus. If you still aren’t convinced that getting a flu shot is important, here is a look at some of the health advantages.

Protect Your Heart

The flu can be extremely dangerous for people with heart disease and congestive heart failure. When you have the flu, it puts stress on your body that can cause a rise in blood pressure and heart rate, while affecting your overall heart function. The flu can also reduce oxygen levels in your blood, further affecting your heart health. If you’re under treatment for heart disease, your cardiologist is likely to strongly recommend that you get a flu shot. If you’re at increased risk for heart disease, the flu can increase your risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

Prevent Diabetes-Related Complications

If you have diabetes—type 1 or type 2—a flu shot is likely to be part of your diabetes care plan. Any kind of illness and inflammation can drive your blood sugar levels up, but the flu is particularly notorious for making blood sugar levels uncontrollable and sparking dangerous complications, such as diabetes ketoacidosis.

Avoid Hospitalization

The flu can cause significant complications, from severe fever and dehydration to pneumonia and other respiratory conditions. These complications can cause hospitalization, especially in children and the elderly. Getting a flu shot will keep you healthy and reduce the chances that you will need to spend time in the hospital.

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