Why Is Craft Beer So Popular?

Over the past two decades, craft beer has boomed in popularity. Today, craft beer production represents the fastest growing sector of the beer industry in the United States. So, what are the reasons behind this popularity? Continue reading to learn just why craft beer has become such a popular beverage. Flavor One of the most attractive qualities of craft beer is the sheer amount of variety that’s available in terms of flavors. Craft beer flavors vary from fragrant and hoppy, to deep and rich, to fruity and sour. These flavors far surpass the complexity of what you’ll find in mass-produced, non-craft beer. In addition, many craft brewers opt to create limited edition and seasonal beers with new, unique flavors. No matter what flavor profiles you enjoy, you can find a craft beer with flavors that you love. Quality Part of what gives craft beer such rich, enchanting flavors is the quality of the ingredients. Most craft beer is brewed using high-quality hops, barley, and other ingredients. In addition, the quality of the brewing process is essential. Many brewers strive to achieve expertise in their field, ensuring that they can create the best brews possible. Sustainability For many craft brewers, sustainable practices are an essential part of the business. Utilizing sustainable practices when sourcing ingredients and brewing beer helps to ensure that craft brewers can do their part to work towards a sustainable future. This makes craft beer appealing to many people who wish to pursue a more eco-friendly lifestyle by making purchases from local businesses that value sustainability. Offering a wide selection of craft beer at your establishment is a great way to attract new customers and build a loyal customer base. B & K Distributing Inc is a top distributor of craft beer in Steamboat Springs and the entire Northwest Colorado region. For more information, call (970) 879-1906.