Why Power Bowls Are the Perfect Option for Fueling Your Workday

Why Power Bowls Are the Perfect Option for Fueling Your Workday

Power bowls are one of the latest food trends that have proven popular across the U.S. They are endlessly versatile and customizable, working well for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Power bowls are also a great way to combine lots of different ingredients to give your mouth a flavorful treat that packs a nutritional punch.

Power bowls are often high in protein.

You’ll find lots of power bowl recipes and menu selections that prominently feature protein-rich ingredients, like eggs, quinoa, cheese, and beans. It’s always a good idea to start your workday with a generous serving of lean proteins. Protein is the type of fuel that will help you stay awake and productive. Plus, protein inhibits the release of the hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin is responsible for making you feel hungry, so a protein-packed power bowl will stave off hunger pangs for hours. A protein-rich breakfast is also ideal for diabetics and pre-diabetics, as protein doesn’t spike blood glucose levels.

Power bowls feature complex carbohydrates.

A typical base for a power bowl is some sort of complex carbohydrate, like a whole grain. Toasted quinoa is one example. Other breakfast power bowls might feature homemade granola, often made with whole oats. Complex carbs pair well with protein. Since the body breaks down complex carbs much more slowly than simple carbs, you won’t suffer from a sudden spike in blood sugar or a sudden drop in energy levels. Plus, complex carbs give your body some much-needed fiber.

Power bowls sneak in powerhouse ingredients.

Power bowls often have surprising ingredients like matcha, spinach, and bee pollen. These powerhouse ingredients offer key nutrients you need to start your workday off right. Matcha, for instance, has lots of antioxidants, while bee pollen can help boost your immunity and reduce systemic inflammation.

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