Why Preventing Soil Erosion Is Important

If you have ever had a chunk of soil glide right under your flower nursery, or your garden or maybe your house, then you know how important it is to put in place soil erosion measures. These measures can ensure that your plants, whether flowers or trees and crops are well catered for. Soil erosion prevention also helps your landscape look attractive and inviting.

At McKendrick Consulting Inc, we pride ourselves on having the best soil erosion solutions implemented by the best experts in the field, what’s even better, we also provide fencing solutions, so you have all you need at our facility. We offer our services to various clients from Florida all the way to California, so you are sure to get the best results per your custom project. Whatever it is, do not hesitate to call us. Some of our soil erosion solutions include, but not limited, to the following,

Hydro seeding

Hydro seeding involves a slurry of seeds and mulch. They are used to ensure that the soil holds in place, and does not get eroded. The vast root network plus the mulch makes it very conducive for holding the top layer in place, mostly preferred over the traditional method of just sowing seeds.

Blanket Installation

Blanket insulation helps to make sure that the top layer of the soil, which is the most fertile layer, not to be eroded. It is mainly used on sloppy pieces of land where the top layer is frequently being eroded.

Silt fence installation

These are particularly important to help prevent sediment and other soil debris from being eroded. It is important to have silt fences, especially where there are drainage systems nearby.

These are just some of the solutions we have at McKendrick Consulting Inc, but we would love the opportunity to help you figure out which solution works best for you. We encourage you to visit us or drop us a line and let us help you work out the best solution for you.