Why is Breakfast So Important for Starting Your Day?

Breakfast isn’t just the first meal of the day ; it might also be the most important one. Studies consistently show that eating a nutritious breakfast every morning—preferably within two hours after you wake up—is essential for your health and wellness. These are some of the chief reasons you should never skip breakfast:

Breakfast provides you with fuel.

Breakfast is one of those words that literally means exactly what it says. It’s the moment when you break a fast—that is, it’s the first meal you have after going without eating for an entire night. After several hours without food, your body needs nourishment, so you can take on the challenges of a new day. If you skip breakfast, your body will have to work that much harder to keep you going until lunch.

Breakfast gives you energy.

If you pass on breakfast, you might find yourself feeling listless and fatigued by the afternoon. Eating breakfast replenishes your body’s glucose levels, which helps you sustain your energy levels throughout the day. If you make sure to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast with plenty of protein, fiber, calcium, and vitamin B, you’re even more likely to feel good all day long.

Breakfast helps you stay fit.

Some studies have suggested that people who eat breakfast on a regular basis are less likely to be obese—partly because their blood sugar levels are less likely to drop and partly because they may be less tempted to snack during the day. Making a habit of eating a good breakfast every morning may also help to reduce your risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

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