Your Oral Hygiene Toolkit: Choosing Floss, Toothbrushes, and Toothpaste

Are all oral hygiene products created equal? The answer to that question is a definitive no. There are a variety of dental health products available today, each of which addresses specific concerns. In addition to seeing your dentist for annual checkups and twice-yearly cleanings, taking care of your teeth and gums at home is important for your oral health—which means that choosing the right tools is essential. Here is a simple guide to selecting the right items for your oral hygiene toolkit.


When it comes to dental floss, you have two primary options: traditional floss and electric flossers. Both are great at removing plaque, though electric flossers tend to deliver better results and are useful for those with limited mobility in their hands. For traditional floss, there are several different varieties, including a range of flavors and thicknesses. If you have large gaps between your teeth, using a thicker floss or dental tape may be the best option for maintaining your oral health. Those with teeth that are close together or overlapped should choose a waxed floss that will be easier to maneuver between the teeth.


Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to choosing a toothbrush is the stiffness of the bristles. In general, soft or extra soft bristles are recommended, since using a toothbrush with stiffer bristles makes it easier to inadvertently damage the gums and tooth enamel. It’s also important to consider the size of the toothbrush head—most adults can use a standard-sized toothbrush with a 1” x 0.5” head, but if you have a small mouth or limited jaw mobility, you may want to opt for one with a smaller head. There are also electric toothbrushes available, which can make it easier to remove plaque from all of the surfaces of the teeth.


Toothpaste can address a range of oral health concerns, from yellowing to cavities. In general, it’s best to choose a toothpaste with fluoride, which will help to keep tooth decay at bay. If you have sensitive teeth, look for a toothpaste that has been formulated to relieve sensitivity. Your dentist can provide additional recommendations based on your specific oral health concerns.

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