Your Prom Prep Checklist

Your Prom Prep Checklist

The countdown to your junior or senior prom can go faster than you think. Get started planning early on so you won’t forget anything. If you’re going with a date, make plans with him or her as well as with the group of friends you’ll be heading to the venue with. Remember to reserve your limousine as early as possible, as they book up fast. You can split the cost of transportation with your friends and date. Continue reading for a more detailed look at preparing for prom.

Create your budget.

Figure out your prom budget before you start buying anything other than the prom tickets. Your budget will need to cover the essentials, such as your share of the cost of transportation and dinner. You may also want to purchase accessories and jewelry, a corsage or boutonniere, and a photo package. Of course, you’ll also have the cost of the dress or tux rental to factor in. If, by this point, you’re stretching the limits of your budget, consider doing your nails, makeup, and hair yourself.

Plan with your friends.

Planning for a special occasion is easier when you collaborate with friends. Consider creating a private Facebook group or event to discuss plans with your friends. This way, everyone can get on the same page regarding the details. You and your group may also decide to swap items for the night to cut costs. One friend might have the perfect shoes to go with your dress, for instance. In return, you might lend your friend some earrings.

Coordinate with your date.

Check with your date, if applicable, before you finalize your outfit choices. There’s no need to wear matching outfits, of course, but you should make sure that the outfit color choices won’t clash.

Book the limo.

Once you’re sure which of your friends will be going together, go ahead and book the limo. That way, you can be sure to reserve the right size to fit your group. Make sure everyone understands what their share of the total cost will be.

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